Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Purple Hour Twits

Ew, Globe paper's site needs a major overhaul already. 6:23 PM Nov 13th from twitterrific
Jakarta's newest English language newspaper finally online. Jakarta Globe, by Globe Media Group http://www.thejakartaglobe.... 6:20 PM Nov 13th from twitterrific
I can get used to this notworking thing :D. Met a lot of people who know people I'm friends with. #yahoo 7:42 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
I don't think anyone there is on twitter aside from the ones I already know. #yahoo 7:39 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
IM3 ran out of battery, AXIS ran out of credits, couldn't tweet while mingling. That was one heck of an event 7:36 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
YAHOOOOOO! *dies* self, next time bring your marketing people to media events. 7:33 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
We know you're from O1, no need to pimp it on every slide. #yahoo #badpowerpoint 3:14 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
@(XXXX) yep. Vaishaly. Text galore. 2:58 PM Nov 11th from mobile web in reply to (XXX)
O1 pimping Mizone multimedia campaign #yahoo 2:57 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
For a creative agency O1 really isn't so creative in making slides. FAIL BY POWERPOINT #yahoo 2:51 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
Dude! @(XXXX) IS ASLEEP! LOL #yahoo 2:49 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
OgilvyOne MD is on stage. Didn't introduce herself #yahoo 2:48 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
Interesting underlying theme in this event. Change. #yahoo 2:47 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
OgilvyOne MD will be on stage soon. Prez of Dentsu on now explaining Indo adv landscape 2:29 PM Nov 11th from mobile web
Yahoo Sr Dir Bus Dev SEA Pontus Sonnerstedt: "There's plenty of Yahoos here" 2:24 PM Nov 11th from mobile web

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TwitterPorn on the Election Night

  American people describe the #voting experience in an orgasmic euphoria. I think people of the world should vote to feel as fun!!
  Twitter feels so happy tonight because US voters uses erotic language to describe the election
  Democracy had never felt so sexy

Saturday, November 1, 2008

on Impulses

i need to blog just so i don't rip her clothes off right the fuck now.... @me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

on a Twitter Romance

Girl meet boy in twitter.Boy found out girl was a boy. Boy dumped the girl. The end.

from @chibialfa

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

on Britney Spears on Twitter

Fully deserving a post: I now follow Britney Spears on Twitter.

I also have been following Dave Matthews for a while, but Britney deserves her own post. You guys should all sign up on twitter.

here's a post from a VC on celeb authenticity on Twitter.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Twitting

As you probably noticed, TwitterPorn project is suspended - first it was the Holy Month - now there's a crisis, so i'll be sure to pick this up, but slower than i thought previously.

Meanwhile, coolest shit ever: Dave Matthews is on Twitter. Yes, the man himself.

Friday, September 19, 2008

TwitterPorn Launch Delayed

I'm definitely not in the right mood to launch TwitterPorn. Also, market is not in good condition (US) and it's also the holy month (in Indonesia). We're postponing the launch of TwitterPorn for 30 days or so. In the meantime we will continue to update you on developments. 

We're preparing the legal documents and the materials will be posted here shortly as soon as I received them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Twittering The Night

Where were you last night?
What’s twittering?
Twittering is what people do when they twit each other
Honey, did you twit strangers last night?
Did you wear condoms?


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deed of Establishment of TwitterPorn

I hacked the ping pong game on a Commodore 64K to give me extra balls.

Then I saw an Apple Macintosh and saw the light.
Then I bought a modem.
Then I stayed for years on iRC and newsnet.
Then I arrived at the web.
Then I saw and worked on Lotus Notes.
Then I saw the web interface for email.
Then I discovered MP3
Then I chat with colleagues on YM.
Then I bought books from Amazon.
Then I blogged about them.
Then I signed up for Facebook.
Then I joined twitter.

Twitter is the first time that I could reach everyone I know in social network, all in one screen.

All those plus my phones - Twitter now have access to my entire social map.
It’s the end of privacy. It’s the beginning of a new day.

Luckily enough, I don’t have that many friends yet on twitter. It will be the end days when everyone is on twitter. 
They now sport a cute logo and an innocent charm but I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. It’s all very googlish.

It makes me think: What better way to reach all of them? 
What message is likely to be relevant to all of them across all medium?


So I'm creating TwitterPorn.

PS: I’m really curious what the VCs think of Twitter. Mostly the US ones, the ones around here I’m not so sure.

To Do List

Creating a business isn’t easy. Creating an internet startup is insane. It’s not an easy thing. It’s crazy.

Lucky I have done this before and I know exactly what to do. 
We always start with a to-do-list, colour coded.

Here’s the to-do-list for TwitterPorn
  • Legal, retain a lawyer (done)
  • Legal, create a disclaimer policy
  • Legal, understand Copyright Laws and get acquainted with GPL and more progressive structures. (will check on Wiki later)
  • Commercial, create a business plan (I am creating one)
  • Commercial, create a marketing plan (creating one right now)
  • Commercial, revenue model (not yet available until Twitter figured it out)
  • Commercial, adopt international markets (done, Dutch and German, expecting Indonesia and US to come online, soon)
  • Commercial, cost model (don’t know yet, at the moment, all I use are free/beta services. I don’t plan to pay for anything less than a professional service. Cut down on expenses, too).
  • Commercial, launch plan (to be determined, after the holy month)
  • Commercial, design logo and site looky feely (too busy right now)
  • Market Mapping, competition analysis (non existent at the moment)
  • Market Mapping, understand Twitter metrics and demographic (ongoing)
  • Tech & Infrastructure, sign up to Twitter (done)
  • Tech & Infrastructure, create a web presence (done, here)
  • Tech & Infrastructure, create a YouTube group (done, here)
  • Tech & Infrastructure, learning how to use Twitter (ongoing, I currently have two followers). This is an issue that will be addressed further with a firm marketing plan.
  • Establish goals and objectives (done, I want total world domination and a boat)

Lots of things, I know. But I will master them all. Good books to read if you’re planning to have an internet startup would be Understanding the Media (Marshall McLuhan, he’s a prophet), Your Marketing Sucks (Mark Stevens), Cluetrain Manifesto, Gulliver’s Travel (learn to see markets differently in strange countries) and Wired magazine.

These two articles from the NY Times are particularly good in approaching Web 2.0 and how internet change relationships. Here’s Clive Thompson with the experience and differences in social networks and relationships in different media. Here’s an essay on McLuhan’s the Medium is the Message and here’s a blog entry at how the facebook crowd reacted to McCains campaign. I’m joining that group to check it out.

Now, if you excuse me, I plan to get busy again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Rise and Fall of Twitter

Found this video from FabMe gmail status in the last few weeks. Hillarious.

via TechCrunch

and Blip.TV doesn't fit in blogger default template. remember to find YouTUbe copies next.

TwitterPorn v0.000000735

Twitter gadget imported. Smooth and seemingly reliable enough. I heard some worrying stuff about Twitter availability, but I know they will eventually get over it. The experience was totally awesome. 

The site is also now logged on Analytics (also owned by Google, aka. the Big Brother) and I'd registered on through Telkomsel, my local provider (aka. the Bigger Brother). We'll test the international experience to see if the Indonesian market responds to this.

In the meantime, let's prepare a marketing plan. Or breakfast. I'm hungry.


First order of the day would be to avoide a cease and decist letter from the Twitter people. I read their terms and FAQs and stuff, and I'm comitted to follow them very closely, so i'd hate to upset them at this very early, embrionic stage. I just got the idea four hours ago. I need a disclaimer.

It's still in narrative form, but i'll convert it into a legal language soon.

The general idea is to allow for a social experiment: crowdsourcing sex. The users get their rush from twitter. 

No foul language or explicit words will be used, twitter is a respectable environment. 

It will pass most standards of morality among the neo-liberals and neo-cons alike. The users of TwitterPorn should choose to go and visit TwitterPorn in their own free will. We will only work within the exact confines of the Twitter rules and morality supervision: Twitter alone can tell me what I can or can not say.

The idea is to generate traffic elsewhere, but also without routing URLs – cause that is spamming. Beside, I think URL is obsolete with search engines and twitters, so there will be no URLs being passed around. I will chronicle the journey to get this company up and running through my blogs, facebook, YM, emails and with some of you, we will probably need to discuss real funding. I raised funds for internet startups before, so this will be fun. 

I’d like to see the faces of the VCs when I tell them what I do.  

This is a McLuhan test for Jefferson’s idea, with sex for the tabloid effect.

The company is called TwitterPorn. 

This is the First Test Post

I just had an idea to start the company TwitterPorn
First order of the day is to secure the blogspot address. 

This is the first post and all of you will be updated accordingly.